New Wallet

I’ve been wanting a new wallet, so I finally made myself one. My Pinspiration was this envelope system wallet and this clean and simple clutch.

I followed the lined zipper purse tutorial pretty closely, except my dimensions of the fabric were 4×8″. I made 5 of them, and then I made my own zipper pull charms with coke can scraps.For the zipper pulls, I used my metal stamps that I won from beaducation. I pounded my envelope category names into the coke can. I went with Eat, Shop, Play and Save. I bent the edges, punched a hole and added a jump ring. Now I can try to remember what that money is for each time I go out.The clutch I made to fit my zippered pouches. I did it a little bit differently than the tutorial, but I used the basic layout and added an extra pocket behind my smaller two. I also put my magnetic clasps into the lining only so that they didn’t show through the outside, and didn’t stitch all the way up on the sides, so that my other pouches would fit better.

If You Can't Beat Them, Pretend to Join!

“I can’t wait until Valentine’s Day is over. My reader and pinterest are clogged with Valentine’s Day crap” I told my husband.
“You say that about every holiday” he replies.
“Not Halloween or Thanksgiving!”

So to add to everyone else’s clutter I had to make one thing for Valentine’s Day. I found this styrofoam heart in a big bag of garage sale craft goodies and tied it to the door hanger with some heart fabric (also found at a yard sale). Boy, I’m festive!

Back to Past Favorites

Since we finally got back into the internet world, we were able to stream TV shows and have been watching alot of TV. I wanted to do something while sitting there so I started up knitting again. I learned how to knit when I was in the 4th grade, we each had to do about a foot length of a scarf, to add to one that they had been working on for years. It was based on a story, Ernie and the Mile-Long Muffler.

I brought my knitting over to my parents house, and wanted to show my sister how to knit too. We couldn’t find any extra needles and I was sure I had some there. My sister mentioned a big box that I had left when I moved out so we had to go explore it.

We spent a good hour or so uncovering the first layer of junk in the box. Most of it was stuff I had held onto for no good reason and I threw it out. (Seriously, invitations to stuff I don’t even remember??) I did find lots of pictures, scrapbook pages, cards and letters. When I brought it home, I finally found one pair of needles and some old homework and school projects, including this one.
Anyway, after all that I was finally able to finish one wash cloth and show my sister how to knit a little too. It is just the regular knitting stitch for the entire thing, but it turned out cute! The yarn is perfect texture for a wash cloth, I used it to wash my face yesterday and it worked really well! The needles I used were size 10.5. If you want to make your own, there are tons of good videos on youtube to show you how! I had to use one to remind me how to cast off. I plan to make more with the rest of my yarn, and possibly try selling them or giving them as gifts.