Crafting a Christmas (Maybe!)

After pinterest giving me millions of ideas, I wanted to make gifts for my family this year. The entire family is getting a group gift that I bought on groupon months ago (score!). I can’t say what it is, but it is a great idea! (hint:Subscription/Memberships are great ideas for gifts!) Even though I have great ideas I have been staying out of the craft room lately. I just haven’t been in the mood (notice no new posts). So I’m on a ‘if I get to it you might get a gift’ basis.

So far, there are only partial gifts. Here are my pintrest links/sketches that everyone will be getting for now!

Earphone Holder (idea I pinned from Here)

Pockets (to put into a skirt they already have, idea pinned from Here)

Cloth High Chair (Ok, it’s for my baby but the grandmas would want it for him! Idea was pinned from Here)

Cloth Stacker Toy (I saw a Huge fabric one on Pottery Barn Kids but I’m starting with a small simple one.)

Stuffed Animal Backpack (My own idea! Crazy… I have been getting used to stealing ideas)

I decided to write about our Christmas after writing a comment that kept getting longer and longer on I may be a nerd, but I think it’s interesting stuff!

My Mom always has a rhyme she used to buy us presents for anything. It was something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Santa is using that with my 5 month old, although after a page was stolen out of my magazine he may need to find a better book choice than one with paper pages. Other than that there is an outfit, a toy and jars of baby food(yay!).

We aren’t going to be getting him anything because he has a lot of what he needs and awesome grandparents that I’m sure will be spoiling him anyway. I am going to try to finish the cloth stacker toy from us, but it looks terrible so far. Lucky for me, the baby won’t care, he’ll just be happy with the wrapping paper!