November In Review

This month has been full of work, crafting and fun. I want to record all of my projects so that I feel like I was productive! You can click on the pictures for the full post.

I did some crafts for fall and thanksgiving:

I worked on some gift ideas: (Hair Scarf, Reed Diffuser, Knit Hats)

I made a few height charts:

I went out hiking with the baby:

What did you accomplish this November?

Nursing Cover / Bath Apron

I have an awesome nursing cover (I really do love it, and use it all the time) that my aunt made me. It’s a blanket with a strap. When I was packing light to go hiking I didn’t pack it because of space. I did pack a blanket, and if I would have made this strap sooner it would have been perfect. This strap clips onto any blanket or thing that you already have. Receiving blanket? Nursing Cover, done. Large shirt? Done. Towel? Bath Apron, done.

I used mitten clips from the dollar section in Target, elastic and a couple of long strips of fabric.

Sew the fabric together and thread the elastic through it. Then tuck the tail of the elastic through the mitten clip and then back under the fabric. Sew the edge of the fabric to the elastic.

Next time I find mitten clips I will be making more and have a better detailed tutorial.

Hair Scarfette

I needed some practice sewing stretchy fabrics, so I pulled out something I’ve been meaning to do for years.

I had a scrap of stretchy fabric that I use as a headband, but the edges needed to be finished and it could be cut so that it had a straight line.

I first trimmed the scrap. One side had tons of fabric the other had almost none, so I made it matching and even.

Then I folded over the edges and ironed them so that it would be easier to sew. I also pinned them.

On the sewing machine I changed the tension so that it was a bit looser, and the stitches were a bit longer than normal. As I sewed, I pulled the fabric tight.

That was pretty much it. Using a straight stitch and pulling the fabric tighter turned out to be my simple fix. Happy Sewing everyone!

Fall Leaf Mobile

I would like to call my creation a Chandelier. I think it’s beautiful. I saw a picture of leaves dipped in wax hanging to dry on Pintrest and it looked beautiful.

My fake leaves have been featured in quite a few of my posts lately. They were scattered in the grass for my Pumpkin Turkey, and they were turned into a turkey for the turkey hair clips.

Silk Leaves
Popsicle Sticks

Glue your popsicle sticks together in the shape of an X.

Use a needle to pull the thread through the leaves and tie the ends. Keep the other end of the thread long and tie that to your popsicle sticks.

That’s it! Hang it up somewhere and you have your own falling leaves to decorate for fall and Thanksgiving!