Boo-ing: Round Two

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Do you know what “Boo-ing” is? Most people that I talk to don’t know what it is until I explain it, and then usually they remember hearing about it. It is a fun door-bell ditching activity to do around Halloween. You take a treat or gift of some sort and a print out (a poem with instructions and a picture to tape to the door, meaning “We’ve already been boo-ed, go spread the Halloween cheer with another neighbor!”) Last year I made my own Boo-ing printable, so I could start it around our community, we get to start it Saturday!

Check out last year’s post and grab the printable.

This year, I outlined a few containers you could make to put treats in for you neighbors on Arizona Mama. Go check out 3 Easy Boo-ing Ideas!

Pressed Flower Cards and Embellishments

I wrote a guide to pressing flowers at Arizona Mama. Click Here first.

When you have pressed flowers cards and anything else are easy to make. One lady commented that a bookmark would be a good gift idea to make.

Materials Needed:
Pressed flowers
Cards (Or cardstock cut and folded)
Anything else you wish to embellish your cards with
Packing Tape (Or laminate sheets, it works better but I had none)
Envelopes if wanted

Lay your pressed flower on the card where you want it. Anything else that you may want on the card should be placed there already, it usually makes it easier as tape is difficult to put things over. You can also make adjustments to the flower, such as trimming it shorter, pulling off leaves or thorns.

Take a large piece of tape (larger than your card) and place it over the flower, make sure there is about 1/4 inch of tape around all parts of the flower, you want to make sure that the tape will seal well. If your flower is wider than your piece of tape, you can lay another piece of tape on it, but you will get a slightly noticeable line across the entire thing.

Next you will trim the edges of the tape that hang off the sides of the card. You can also fold them over and glue a pretty piece of paper to the other side, hiding the edges of the tape.

This works well for cards, and for small embellishments. I put some of my pressed flowers or smaller pieces of cardstock for putting on cards later, for using as gift tags and for scrabooking embellishments.

I went the cheap and easy route, but if you wanted to do this for scrapbooking you would need to find an acid free tape or laminate sheets.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my Arizona Mama posts!

Incredibles Costume T-shirt

Every year at work we dress up for Halloween. There’s a theme for everyone in the clinic. This year our theme is superheroes. I will only be working a couple hours that day so I wanted something easy and comfortable. My sister suggested Elastigirl.

This same T-shirt could be for any of the Incredibles, I might do one on a red onsie so that my baby can be Jack-Jack.

Materials Needed:
Red T-Shirt
Black Scraps
Orange Scraps
Yellow Scraps
White Scrap

T-Shirt Instructions:
I used an old T-shirt of my husband’s and tried to put it together to fit me, but it would be much easier to use a shirt that already fits.

First I added the black neckline. I used another old T-shirt for this, but any type of black fabric would work. I cut the neckline out of the shirt and sewed it on, but if I was using a T-shirt that fit, I would have cut out black fabric and folded it over the existing neckline and sewn it on that way.

Next, I cut out the pieces for my logo. I googled the logo and copied it from there. You could print it out and cut it out if you needed a pattern. For the fabric I used scraps I had, but if you have more choices than I did, I would choose knit fabrics so that the edges don’t fray (like mine did).

I cut the black out of the other t-shirt. I just cut a big oval. I used the black oval to figure out the outside line of the orange. I guessed the inside cuts of the orange and pinned them to the black. I cut a rectangle for the bottom of the i and then cut off the top with a slant. I used a can that was slightly wider than the bottom of the i to trace the next piece of yellow. I used another circle lying around my kitchen for the white in the i.

To sew the patch I started with the black piece with the orange pinned on. I used black thread (I didn’t have any orange) and a small, dense zig-zag stitch. I sewed the edges of the inside of the orange. I then pinned on the i pieces and did the outside of the yellow. I then switched to white thread and sewed the middle of the i on.

Once the patch is finished, it’s time to sew it on the shirt. On a smaller shirt you may have to take the shirt apart to sew it on, mine I didn’t need to. I switched to red thread and did the same zig-zag stitch around the edges.

Mask Instructions:

If you want a model to work with, you can make a quick mold of your face using tin foil. I used a knit black scrap and just started cutting, comparing to my model. I folded it in half to try to make it a bit more symmetrical. I hot glued the ribbon to the middle of the edge on each side, and had plenty so I could tie a bow in the back.

I loved the way it turned out, but next time I will definitely use knit scraps for everything! I will probably just wear both of these with jeans, but it would be easy to use a pair of red sweatpants with black undies over the top if you were brave!