How to Cut Jeans for Scraps

This post should be named How to make Redneck Thongs, but there will be more on that later.

I finally cleaned out my craft closet, again. It was bad. I had a ton of jeans I wanted to keep for the material but it was pointless to keep the entire jeans that were taking up tons of space. While cutting them up I found the best order to cut jeans and which cuts would yield the most useful material. I also found a great way to make redneck thongs for your next redneck party!

Who irons jeans? Not me… Usually. I think of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen.

Kate: [referring to Hank] He’s not a doorknob.
Jake: He irons his jeans, Mom.
Kate: Yeah that’s weird.

There were a few pairs of jeans that were wrinkled and folded in weird places so the first thing to do is iron the jeans that need it.

The first cut to make is at the bottom. Cut one inch on each side of the seams. Cut each side of the inside and outside seams on both pant legs.

Then cut the bottom hem off, leaving the seams intact. It should look like this after wards.

Turn the jeans inside out. This is the line you’ll take for the first cuts.

Some of the jeans were serged so you could cut both sides of the seam at once, and others were sewn down so it was easier to make two cuts around the seam. (With scissors instead of the rotary.)

When you get towards the top of the jeans cut until you get to the eyelet on the pocket.

Keep cutting the backside of the same seam until you hit the next seam.

Next, go back to the pocket side of the seam where you left off and cut underneath the pocket, to the zipper and down to the crotch. You will cut across the inseam.

Next continue your cut on the backside by going up towards the waist. Cut until you get to the next seam.

Cut along the seam below the waist until you get to your other cut. The pant leg should come off now.

This is what you should have.

Now do the same thing for the other pant leg. After that you will get your final Redneck Thong.

Back to saving your jeans…
Take the open pant leg, and cut out the last seam.

You now have a pile of seams, some redneck thongs and a nice pile of usable jean scraps.

Now I tossed the thongs, and almost tossed the seams, but I tried weaving them together, and I might have a post about what I’m making with them later. But I’m not done yet, so it will be a few months. I’ll also have the project I’ve been saving the jeans for, but that hasn’t been finished either. If you must know why, cutting these jeans was the project I was working on while I was in labor with my baby boy. I went to the hospital fully dilated but at least my jeans were cut and put away!

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  1. I could see these “redneck THongs” being sold at craft shows as a gag gift! Too cute to throw away! LOL!!!!

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