Mod Podged Coasters

This is a super simple mod podge project. I found glass candle bases at an overstock store. I mod podged the paper to the underside, and let it show through. On the very bottom I did a very generous coat of the mod podge in case of any spills. I didn’t do it for these ones, but a felt piece glued to the bottom would make a nice addition to the project, to further protect your tables.

Cloth Height Charts

I was stuck in a recliner for awhile on bed rest, and I wanted to make a height chart for my baby boy that I was waiting for. I had been taking up a little bit of hand embroidery, and I thought that a cloth one would be perfect, and I could work on it right then.

This is the first one that I did. Click on the picture so you can zoom in to see it better. I was allowed to do stuff while sitting. So I cut the fabric, while sitting. I then ironed the edges under, while sitting. I cut fabric for the tree, while sitting.

I then stitched on the tree trunk and treetop, while sitting, what else? My sister helped with those, while sitting next to me. Those and the clouds are all done with a very simple running stitch. We also added a bird, he was stitched with a running stitch but then I used some back stitching for his legs, a french knot for an eye, and the satin stitch for the beak.

For the lines and numbers going up the side, I put the cloth in an embroidery hoop to make it easier. I measured and marked the lines with a tape measure and stitched them with a split stitch.

For his name I wanted it to be bigger and more special, so I used a bold chain stitch.

I didn’t worry about finishing off the edges because most of them were stitched over at some point. For the top and bottom I basically hemmed them with hot glue and slid the dowels in. The top just has yarn tied to it.

I showed off my masterpiece at work, and my boss wanted one for his little girl. I told him he was crazy because it took me about 6 hours to make this one. He offered to pay me for one hourly so I made this next one.

I did this one a little bit differently. I knew I didn’t want to stitch all of the lines, that was the most time consuming, so I bought a fabric paint pen.

With using a fabric pen, my edges wouldn’t be finished as well, so I ran them through the sewing machine first.

The design is also majorly different, I had fun cutting out the pieces and arranging them. I pinned them all down and started on the bottom pieces first and continued to the top layer of pieces until everything was sewn on. Sometimes I had to move stuff around to get to the pieces underneath. With this one, I used too many little pieces and that was really time consuming.

I did a tiny bit of embroidery on the ladybugs, using a french knot for the spots and antennae ends. I made a long stitch to separate the wings and for the length of the antennae.

Once everything was sewn on I used the fabric pen to make the lines and numbers. This one was shorter because the girl it was for was a lot taller to begin with than my unborn child so I made it to start at 18 inches. She also had a less of a chance of reaching six feet, so it is a few inches shorter there too.

On this one I sewed the hems for the dowels, because if they were to fall apart in years to come I didn’t want to fix them.

I still did the embroidered name, using the chain stitch as before.

With the two different versions that I learned from, my next one will be even simpler by using a simple design like the tree and by using the paint pen. Thanks for reading!

The Wild Olive is a good place to learn the basic embroidery stitches if you want to make a fancy one of your own. Thanks for reading!


Car Seat Cover

I have a newborn, and he doesn’t leave my side yet. I still have to eat though, so he has been grocery shopping with me. We got the worst looks from random strangers. I guess they think I should starve and not buy diapers because I just had a baby.

Anyway, that and seeing my friend’s car seat cover (I have seen them called tents) made me want to make one of my own. We bought the fabric to match the green of the car seat and to have simple shapes for him to look at. I bought two yards, and there was plenty extra that I will be using for something cute later.

My friends had plenty of fabric over the back of the car seat where it already has the shade thingy, and I decided I didn’t need to cover the seat anymore than I had to because I actually like the looks of it.

I measured the size I wanted by comparing with a blanket I placed over the car seat. I only wanted it a couple inches shorter and for it not to have square corners at the bottom. The triangles I cut off the bottom edges were used to decorate a burp cloth.

This is the finished project, (I forgot to take pictures while I was making it!) but it is pretty much the same shape that I cut, adding an extra inch and minus the straps. The top is just folded, and I cut the other edges to how I wanted.

After cutting the fabric, I ironed the edges under and pinned them together. I did it around the entire piece and then started sewing around the entire thing.

Next I made the straps. I pinned a scrap onto the now finished main piece and used the scrap to measure out the straps. I left a pin to where I had the scrap, so I would know where to sew on the straps. I cut out four pieces the same size as the scrap.

I took two of them and ironed the edges under and sewed around the edges. I then sewed the button hole on one side. I did the same to the other two pieces to make the other strap.

I pinned the straps on and sewed them on. Then, over where I sewed the strap on I hand sewed the button on.

It works great, except now people at the grocery store ask if they can look at the baby, so I’m lifting it up all the time because I can’t resist showing off my cute kid!

How to Cut Jeans for Scraps

This post should be named How to make Redneck Thongs, but there will be more on that later.

I finally cleaned out my craft closet, again. It was bad. I had a ton of jeans I wanted to keep for the material but it was pointless to keep the entire jeans that were taking up tons of space. While cutting them up I found the best order to cut jeans and which cuts would yield the most useful material. I also found a great way to make redneck thongs for your next redneck party!

Who irons jeans? Not me… Usually. I think of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen.

Kate: [referring to Hank] He’s not a doorknob.
Jake: He irons his jeans, Mom.
Kate: Yeah that’s weird.

There were a few pairs of jeans that were wrinkled and folded in weird places so the first thing to do is iron the jeans that need it.

The first cut to make is at the bottom. Cut one inch on each side of the seams. Cut each side of the inside and outside seams on both pant legs.

Then cut the bottom hem off, leaving the seams intact. It should look like this after wards.

Turn the jeans inside out. This is the line you’ll take for the first cuts.

Some of the jeans were serged so you could cut both sides of the seam at once, and others were sewn down so it was easier to make two cuts around the seam. (With scissors instead of the rotary.)

When you get towards the top of the jeans cut until you get to the eyelet on the pocket.

Keep cutting the backside of the same seam until you hit the next seam.

Next, go back to the pocket side of the seam where you left off and cut underneath the pocket, to the zipper and down to the crotch. You will cut across the inseam.

Next continue your cut on the backside by going up towards the waist. Cut until you get to the next seam.

Cut along the seam below the waist until you get to your other cut. The pant leg should come off now.

This is what you should have.

Now do the same thing for the other pant leg. After that you will get your final Redneck Thong.

Back to saving your jeans…
Take the open pant leg, and cut out the last seam.

You now have a pile of seams, some redneck thongs and a nice pile of usable jean scraps.

Now I tossed the thongs, and almost tossed the seams, but I tried weaving them together, and I might have a post about what I’m making with them later. But I’m not done yet, so it will be a few months. I’ll also have the project I’ve been saving the jeans for, but that hasn’t been finished either. If you must know why, cutting these jeans was the project I was working on while I was in labor with my baby boy. I went to the hospital fully dilated but at least my jeans were cut and put away!