How I Made Bassinet Sheets

Quick Disclosure: I am not a professional seamstress, yet. I make it up as I go, and it is probably wrong, but it works and might help others, any advice on how I could do it differently next time is appreciated and can be left in the comments, thanks!

I am borrowing this cute bassinet from one of my neighbors. It’s in my bedroom not the Baby’s Room.

My neighbor didn’t have sheets to go with it, I think she said it was hard to find ones that fit, but she might have said something completely different. I looked at target and only found pink ones and I still wasn’t sure if they would fit.

Finally my super-smart husband looked at me with the “you are such an idiot” face and asked why I didn’t sew my own. Duh!! I’ve been on a sewing everything kick lately, and didn’t even think of it. Seriously!

The one it came with is a really easy layout.

First I laid it out on my fabric (I used a Christmas woodland creatures print that was a hand-me down with no other uses) and I traced around it, but about 5/8″ outside of it to accommodate the seam, this makes piece A.

I then cut it out, and used it to trace out the next piece (B). I just guessed at the size of B, but I used the original to compare and it has to be straight. I pinned the two of these pieces in place against A.

For the next piece (C) I really confused myself. Use the first piece (A) to trace this one too, but remember that the part you can’t see (its under the one you’re using to trace) is the part that you are going to be using. I then pinned the two of these pieces in place against A, and pinned the edges that are touching of B and C together (not to A). You should still be able to lift the edge of B away from A enough to sew the edge, the same with where you have B and C pinned together.

The first stitch I did was a zig-zag stitch to hem the edges and to sew B and C together. Using a serger would work well here too. I went from under 1 down to the 2 only sewing together B and C. I did the same thing on the other side with 3 to 4.

I then did a straight stitch around the edge of A (including the pinned on B and C)keeping my 5/8″ seam line. I then zig-zag stitched that same edge just to keep my fabric from fraying. (I don’t believe in hand-washing laundry, it takes too much time, effort and energy!)

Lastly, I zig-zag stitched along the inside of the C pieces to keep them from fraying also, and that was it. Hope this helps!

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