My Dummy

I have a dummy. It isn’t my husband. It’s a wonderful replica of me in duct tape form. I had never thought to post about it until I had a near-death experience the other day. I came home to my guts spilled out on the living room floor. My dogs thought it would be fun try to completely destroy me. So I re-stuffed me and taped myself back together.

Here’s a quick tutorial of how to make your own duct tape clone that is perfect for all of your sewing projects.

You’ll need a friend to help you with this, preferably someone you don’t mind if they see your near-nakedness.

1. Find an old shirt you don’t mind giving up and put it on
2. Use saran wrap or tin foil to add length to your shirt. Wrap yourself from the shirt you’re using down past your rear end.
3. Wrap from the shirt around your neck. Tape the saran wrap to the shirt. Make sure there aren’t any spots on your body showing!
4. Start with the breast, make a star pattern out of duct tape over each of them.
5. Begin to wrap your shirt with duct tape. Start from the bottom, wear the saran wrap is and keep taping in circles until you get up to the bra line.
6. Tape around your star shapes, make sure the duct tape covers everything.
7. Tape up to the neck (not too tightly!) and around the shoulders and around the arms. Make the arms about t-shirt length, it helps to know how you will be getting your sewing projects on and off of you in real life.
8. Cut the duct tape dress off of you. start at the bottom (on the side)and cut upwards. Be careful of skin and clothes that could get in the way.
9. Take the dress off and tape the seam that you just cut.
10. Tape the bottom portion closed, and the arms. Leave the neck open for now.
11. Stuff your dummy. ( I used stuffing and lots of misc fabric and such that I wasn’t going to use. When I re-stuffed it I also used crumpled newspaper.
12. Tape the neck closed

Now you have a clone, perfect for when creating new clothing for yourself or others near your size, and it’s a very small fraction of the price for the dummies that you would get in stores.

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