My Purse(s)

First of all, I love reading Nice Girl Notes. It is always so entertaining to read! She is going to be having a link party so everyone can be nosy and see what kind of crap other people carry around in their bag. I have a crafty blog, so I’ll show you the crafty side of my purse(s).

Purses? Plural? Yes, I switch almost weekly, sometime more sometimes less. It saves me from actually cleaning out my purse, I just put the stuff I need into a new one!

The two I have been back and forth in the last few weeks are these ones. Both of which I have sewn.

The first one I made pretty recently from an awesome goodwill find. I would have done a tutorial, but I never took any pictures for it.

It started off as a vest that kinda reminded me of a grandma. (no offense gramma!! i just wouldn’t wear it) But it had a really cool design on the inside and was a great color. I took the pieces apart, used the front pocket pieces as the front and back and used the rest as strips for the sides and strap. Lots of seam ripping took place, which is why I will never sell this one.

The second one is a tote bag I made for school a few years ago. It was made from the flannel that my sister used to make pajama pants for me. I carried my binder in it for quite awhile. I just barely started using it again and I realize it’s not as heavy duty as my vest purse. I’m a much better sewer now. If sewer is a word.

I took everything from both purses to show you, luckily there wasn’t anything gross this time around, but I still feel that I need to explain what everything is.

Ok, let’s start from the top, and work our way from left to right.

Massage Therapy Textbook– For homework I should be doing instead of crafting
My Laptop– When I’m not on it, it’s usually open and on in my craft room or in my purse just waiting to be used, and yes it is very small, made just for my purse
My Wallet– My husband bought it for me when I was trying to get him to go after-christmas shopping (which is my favorite) he hoped that if he bought something for me my shopping hunger would be satisfied
My Great Big Book of Everything– You can read all about this amazing little notebook in my post here
Unopened Paycheck– It’s a couple weeks old, don’t you just love direct deposit?
Laptop Power Cord and Mouse– Power cord is self explanatory, but a mouse is Extremely important. I have been through about four mice in the past 6 months. First I abused the touchpad that is in the laptop so it didn’t work, then I broke my regular mouse, then my dogs chewed my super fancy brand new mouse so I used an old one that also broke and now I’m using my husbands from his computer and he might kill me if I break this one.
Christmas Party Reminder Magnets– I made these for work they turned out super cute but I put the wrong date, so I had to redo them and the redone part falls off, so I took the bad-looking ones home so no one would see them. It also reminds me that I have to work on the actual invitations
Crumpled Old Receipts– You never know when you might need one of these, finding the right one is the problem
Rhino Caffe Menu– I’m doing a craft fair there on Saturday, and have those to tell people about it, and so that I had their address. That size of paper is alot easier to keep track of than a business card.
Random Business Cards– These are hiding under the computer cords. I have a few of these and never really use them. I always want to, but they get lost at the bottom of my bag.
Pens and Pencils– It doesn’t matter how many I have in my bad it still takes too long to find one, so I stock up
Thumb Drive– Everyone has a different name for these things. What do you call them?
Coupons– I used to shop only with coupons, now I can’t ever remember to use them
5 Gum– “I don’t always chew gum, but when I do I prefer 5 gum.”
Emery Boards– I can never have too many of these either, there’s a few more in my wallet, I never know when I need one!

I feel exposed since I just broadcast my entire life to you from the bottom of my purse, but I hope you enjoyed being nosy!


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