Caramel Apples

Cool Air, Fall Leaves, Apple Cider, what else happens in fall? I forget! Well those are the things I wish I had. Instead I still have triple digit weather that seems to never end. So I just pretend. And it’s easier to pretend when you are eating something that reminds you of fall and cool air. So we made caramel apples.

We made these the super-easy cheater way.

I put the apples on their sticks in the freezer first, for about a half hour, just to cool them down really good.

I bought a bag of caramel bits in the baking section (next to the chocolate chips) and microwaved them with 2 tablespoons of water. It took about two and a half minutes in the microwave. I stirred it and dipped my apples in it.

We had already chopped walnuts while waiting for the caramel to melt and then we rolled the caramel covered apple in the walnuts.

We refrigerated them for about an hour and then ate them. They were so good! They make me want to take a trip to Apple Hill!