My Purse(s)

First of all, I love reading Nice Girl Notes. It is always so entertaining to read! She is going to be having a link party so everyone can be nosy and see what kind of crap other people carry around in their bag. I have a crafty blog, so I’ll show you the crafty side of my purse(s).

Purses? Plural? Yes, I switch almost weekly, sometime more sometimes less. It saves me from actually cleaning out my purse, I just put the stuff I need into a new one!

The two I have been back and forth in the last few weeks are these ones. Both of which I have sewn.

The first one I made pretty recently from an awesome goodwill find. I would have done a tutorial, but I never took any pictures for it.

It started off as a vest that kinda reminded me of a grandma. (no offense gramma!! i just wouldn’t wear it) But it had a really cool design on the inside and was a great color. I took the pieces apart, used the front pocket pieces as the front and back and used the rest as strips for the sides and strap. Lots of seam ripping took place, which is why I will never sell this one.

The second one is a tote bag I made for school a few years ago. It was made from the flannel that my sister used to make pajama pants for me. I carried my binder in it for quite awhile. I just barely started using it again and I realize it’s not as heavy duty as my vest purse. I’m a much better sewer now. If sewer is a word.

I took everything from both purses to show you, luckily there wasn’t anything gross this time around, but I still feel that I need to explain what everything is.

Ok, let’s start from the top, and work our way from left to right.

Massage Therapy Textbook– For homework I should be doing instead of crafting
My Laptop– When I’m not on it, it’s usually open and on in my craft room or in my purse just waiting to be used, and yes it is very small, made just for my purse
My Wallet– My husband bought it for me when I was trying to get him to go after-christmas shopping (which is my favorite) he hoped that if he bought something for me my shopping hunger would be satisfied
My Great Big Book of Everything– You can read all about this amazing little notebook in my post here
Unopened Paycheck– It’s a couple weeks old, don’t you just love direct deposit?
Laptop Power Cord and Mouse– Power cord is self explanatory, but a mouse is Extremely important. I have been through about four mice in the past 6 months. First I abused the touchpad that is in the laptop so it didn’t work, then I broke my regular mouse, then my dogs chewed my super fancy brand new mouse so I used an old one that also broke and now I’m using my husbands from his computer and he might kill me if I break this one.
Christmas Party Reminder Magnets– I made these for work they turned out super cute but I put the wrong date, so I had to redo them and the redone part falls off, so I took the bad-looking ones home so no one would see them. It also reminds me that I have to work on the actual invitations
Crumpled Old Receipts– You never know when you might need one of these, finding the right one is the problem
Rhino Caffe Menu– I’m doing a craft fair there on Saturday, and have those to tell people about it, and so that I had their address. That size of paper is alot easier to keep track of than a business card.
Random Business Cards– These are hiding under the computer cords. I have a few of these and never really use them. I always want to, but they get lost at the bottom of my bag.
Pens and Pencils– It doesn’t matter how many I have in my bad it still takes too long to find one, so I stock up
Thumb Drive– Everyone has a different name for these things. What do you call them?
Coupons– I used to shop only with coupons, now I can’t ever remember to use them
5 Gum– “I don’t always chew gum, but when I do I prefer 5 gum.”
Emery Boards– I can never have too many of these either, there’s a few more in my wallet, I never know when I need one!

I feel exposed since I just broadcast my entire life to you from the bottom of my purse, but I hope you enjoyed being nosy!


TP Pumpkin Candy Holder

I changed out the toilet paper at work, the large rolls that businesses have, and I discovered large toilet paper rolls. My boss made fun of how excited I was about getting “trash”. He signed the inside of one of them to try to make the trash “worth something”. I didn’t sign it, but I made it worth a lot more!

I did the same thing as the Toilet Paper Pumpkins look at these instructions, the first ones are the same, but when it comes to the stem stop there and come back to this page.

Instead of making a stem I took a wire of some sort (it was electrical and bent well and my husband said he wouldn’t need anymore of it) and I hot glued raffia to it and hot glued it to the inside of the pumpkin.

For a better tutorial (made with materials you might actually have around the house) check out the tutorial I made on Arizona Mama.

This is going to work great as a Boo Gift when October 1st rolls around 🙂

Caramel Apples

Cool Air, Fall Leaves, Apple Cider, what else happens in fall? I forget! Well those are the things I wish I had. Instead I still have triple digit weather that seems to never end. So I just pretend. And it’s easier to pretend when you are eating something that reminds you of fall and cool air. So we made caramel apples.

We made these the super-easy cheater way.

I put the apples on their sticks in the freezer first, for about a half hour, just to cool them down really good.

I bought a bag of caramel bits in the baking section (next to the chocolate chips) and microwaved them with 2 tablespoons of water. It took about two and a half minutes in the microwave. I stirred it and dipped my apples in it.

We had already chopped walnuts while waiting for the caramel to melt and then we rolled the caramel covered apple in the walnuts.

We refrigerated them for about an hour and then ate them. They were so good! They make me want to take a trip to Apple Hill!

"Boo-ing" Free Printable for Spreading Halloween Spirit

My family was “Boo-ed” a few years ago. What is “Boo-ed”? It is the best way to spread halloween cheer. Or maybe a way to make doorbell-ditching fun for the homeowner. You take a copy of a poem, a copy of a door sign, and a treat for 2 of your neighbors and you doorbell ditch them. Yep, just leave those on their doorstep and run away. They should then make copies of the poem and door sign and make a treat for 2 other neighbors (that don’t have the sign on their door) and leave it for them. Then it should keep going on throughout the whole neighborhood.

Here is a free printable of the door sign and the poem (in black and white to make it easier for photocopying) Click Here for the link to the Free Printable.

As for the treat part of it, I have been making cute holders to put candy in. You don’t have to do candy, but I like the idea that the neighbors will know that it’s safe. Especially as we’re pretty new to the neighborhood.

I decorated some soup cans, cookie tins and sewed small bags with the same design as my reusable gift bags.

I can’t wait to start Booing on Ocotber 1st!! Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Garland

This garland was a compilation of other cute crafts I had seen online. The tools you need are:
Toilet Paper Tubes
Scrap Halloween Fabric, cut into 3/4 inch thick strips, by 3-5 inches long
Acrylic Paints

First you cut your toilet paper tubes in half. Then you paint them orange and add a black pumpkin face.

Next you will let them dry and start tying your fabric scraps onto the yarn. I made sure my strips of fabric were angled at the ends.

Tie strips for about 9 inches.

Punch Holes in your pumpkin, and thread the yarn through.

Keep tying strips for another 9 inches and add the next pumpkin. Do this until you run out of scraps.

Trim the edges of the yarn and hang for Halloween! Happy Haunting!

Hair Bow Holder

The frame came from a yard sale. I think I paid 50 cents. I had the ribbon and fabric and paint on hand, so it was a really cheap project. And I will be using it to sell the hair bows at a craft fair next month so it will be useful to me to display them and to the luck person to end up with this holder.

Sand and paint the frame. I chose the color because it matched the princess crowns on the fabric. (Sorry for the lack of pictures, I forgot to take any until after I finished!)

Use the cardboard backing to measure your batting. I still have not bought batting, so I used 2-3 layers of fleece from another project. Cut out the batting to be the same size as the cardboard.

Use the cardboard to measure your fabric. Give it an extra 2-3 inches around the edges to make sure you have enough to glue to the back.

Layer your fabric first, then the batting and then the cardboard. Stretch the fabric tight and glue to the cardboard with hot glue.

Finish gluing all around. Measure your ribbon to be 4-5 inches longer than the cardboard. I like a lot of extra to make sure they are glued on tight.

Glue one side of the ribbon, make sure there is about 2-3 inches worth glued down. Pull very tight to the opposite side and glue down.

Do the same with the other ribbon and your done!

This is very close to the Ribbon Memo Board I did a few months ago, but I don’t want to use staples to poke little fingers, since I was only gluing to the cardboard, not the wood.

Stolen Goods: Super Quick Tutorials

I don’t need much direction when it comes to reading other people’s tutorials. Usually. I see a picture or something in the store and try to copy it when I get home. So here are some pictures from the last few things I have done.

My (Super Quick) Pumpkin Jar Tutorial:
1. Mix food coloring with mod podge
2. Paint on jars
3. Cut out paper faces and mod podge
4. Let dry and add ribbon
5. Put candle inside and light 🙂

(Yes my craft room is constantly messy, fooled you right?!?)

My (Super Quick) Pennant tutorial:
1. Cut and Zig-Zag stitch Traingles
2. Sew to ribbon

Stuffed Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Last Year and years before I learned to make these cute pumpkins with a roll of toilet paper. Last year I also ran out of toilet paper in my house multiple times, and took apart the pumpkins to use the toilet paper.

This year I decided I didn’t want to waste a whole roll of toilet paper, so I used just the tubes and crinkled toilet paper. I tried newspaper but I didn’t like the way it looked.

First, you lay your square of fabric down. (Mine were t-shirts sleeves so I bunched them up and secured them with a rubber band.) Then you put your toilet paper tube in the center (I wanted small ones so I cut my toilet paper tube in half)

Next start crinkling your toilet paper, kind of fold it over and over. Place in around your tp tube and fold the cloth over it and stuff the cloth in the toilet paper tube.

When finished stuffing the pumpkin hot glue the fabric to the toilet paper tube.

Next, find something to use as a stem. I used a cardboard roll from aluminum foil. I painted it a darker brown and added leaves. All of these were also hot glued in.

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