Ranking Up: Video Game Slang or Sewing Advancement?

I officially have learned the art of buttonholes. I would like to give a shout out to those that have really helped me with it. First, my grandma, because I’m sure she showed me how to do it years ago and I had just forgotten until now. And the Internet, for hosting a tutorial that helped me come to a epiphany. Also I would like to thank my sewing machine for finally making sense to me. Last, but not least my thanks goes to my loving husband who has been pushing me to sew buttons for a while.

And my epiphany? What was it? Well, I finally came to the conclusion that my sewing machine is smarter than I think it is. IT took me awhile to figure out that on the button setting it would know what to do without me trying to do it for it. If that made any sense. Most of my epiphanies only make sense to me. Or they are what other people know as common sense.

At least now my range of sewing skills have improved and I will be unconquerable. Until I find something else I can’t do.