Go Green: Money-Saving or Earth Friendly? (Reusable Gift Bags)

I don’t care why your trying to go green, for me it’s just to save money and feel better about not being as wasteful. I’m making a ton of different gift bags to get ready for birthdays and Christmas this year. I reuse the regular paper gift bags, but they get destroyed really easily. Wrapping paper is one use only too.

These bags are pretty simple to make, I made a bunch of different ones from scrap fabric, and they turned out really cute. I don’t really use patterns, but these are really just a cylinder shape.

Tote bags or drawstring backpacks would be a good way to wrap presents too.

You can also check my etsy shop to buy some of these that I have made.

One thought on “Go Green: Money-Saving or Earth Friendly? (Reusable Gift Bags)”

  1. I have to many “scraps” of cute fabric I could use for this! Great idea! Thanks for sharing =)

    Visiting from Strut Your Stuff

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