15 Cent Notebooks

I don’t think that I ever got a cute notebook or folder, unless I bought it myself. And the latest movie characters on a notebook was never worth my money. Now that I have to buy all of the school supplies, a 15 cent notebook is a good deal. I usually take a quick peek to see how much the cute ones cost, but a whole dollar more for the same thing?!? Forget it!

I don’t have kids yet, but I’m a student still. I want cute school supplies too!! So I bought a bunch of the 15 cent notebooks and the equally cheap and ugly folders and took them home to decorate.

I used a little scrapbook paper and some mod podge. I made a folder for my stencils and a cute one to show if I had a little boy. Think about the possibilities! Magazine cut outs could make a collage of your child’s favorite things, or you could print a Hannah Montana picture instead. Just be careful when using the mod podge you keep it away from the actual pages so that they don’t get glued together or anything!

I made a rolled flower (click here for tutorial)for this notebook, and just glued that over the ugly words in the corner. (I’ve been fond of anything silvery or gray lately!)

If you don’t want your kids making a mess of mod podge, use laminate paper instead. Have fun decorating!

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