Go Green: Money-Saving or Earth Friendly? (Reusable Gift Bags)

I don’t care why your trying to go green, for me it’s just to save money and feel better about not being as wasteful. I’m making a ton of different gift bags to get ready for birthdays and Christmas this year. I reuse the regular paper gift bags, but they get destroyed really easily. Wrapping paper is one use only too.

These bags are pretty simple to make, I made a bunch of different ones from scrap fabric, and they turned out really cute. I don’t really use patterns, but these are really just a cylinder shape.

Tote bags or drawstring backpacks would be a good way to wrap presents too.

You can also check my etsy shop to buy some of these that I have made.

Ranking Up: Video Game Slang or Sewing Advancement?

I officially have learned the art of buttonholes. I would like to give a shout out to those that have really helped me with it. First, my grandma, because I’m sure she showed me how to do it years ago and I had just forgotten until now. And the Internet, for hosting a tutorial that helped me come to a epiphany. Also I would like to thank my sewing machine for finally making sense to me. Last, but not least my thanks goes to my loving husband who has been pushing me to sew buttons for a while.

And my epiphany? What was it? Well, I finally came to the conclusion that my sewing machine is smarter than I think it is. IT took me awhile to figure out that on the button setting it would know what to do without me trying to do it for it. If that made any sense. Most of my epiphanies only make sense to me. Or they are what other people know as common sense.

At least now my range of sewing skills have improved and I will be unconquerable. Until I find something else I can’t do.

Felt Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments took a bit of imagination, I cut most of the pieces free-hand. The only stencil I used was for the gingerbread man body and I used the same stencil for the santa body.

I cut out 2 bodies for each of them and added the other pieces from there. Make sure to cut out everything before you start stitching.

Next, stitch all of the smaller pieces onto the front and back first. (the gloves, buttons, faces, hats, etc.)

Then, start at the top, leave a few inches of your yarn or floss and stitch around the edges of the body.

Before you get all the way to the top, stuff the body with your filling. (I used my felt scraps instead of batting)

Finish stitching the top, and leave the same amount of extra yarn as you did when you started. Tie those two together at the bottom, and tie together at the top.

Now you are prepared with gifts or this year’s ornaments. Another idea is to stitch the year on the back and maybe your name or initials. Have fun!

These are available at my etsy store, click here to view them. Thanks for looking!

Candy Jars on Etsy

I spent the morning making a couple dozen of these jars for SOS Physical Therapy in Queen Creek, Arizona. They will be filling them with candy and using them to advertise to different doctors in the area. I listed one online as a starting idea if anyone else would like their own personalized candy jars. The banner on it is designed on Photoshop and that is listed separately for those who would like to make their own. Thanks for looking!
Click Here to view these jars on Etsy.com.

Rolled Paper Flowers

These are fun to make with cute scrapbook paper that has a white middle.

First, tear your self a circle- sort of. It doesn’t have to be anywhere close to perfect!

Next tear another circle, make it slightly smaller than the last one. Do this a few times.

Take your first torn circle and fold the edges over, like the pictures.

Fold the edges on the rest and layer them.

I decided to make leaves for this one.

Pin everything together by using a brad and your ready to embellish a scrapbook page, notebook or anything else.

15 Cent Notebooks

I don’t think that I ever got a cute notebook or folder, unless I bought it myself. And the latest movie characters on a notebook was never worth my money. Now that I have to buy all of the school supplies, a 15 cent notebook is a good deal. I usually take a quick peek to see how much the cute ones cost, but a whole dollar more for the same thing?!? Forget it!

I don’t have kids yet, but I’m a student still. I want cute school supplies too!! So I bought a bunch of the 15 cent notebooks and the equally cheap and ugly folders and took them home to decorate.

I used a little scrapbook paper and some mod podge. I made a folder for my stencils and a cute one to show if I had a little boy. Think about the possibilities! Magazine cut outs could make a collage of your child’s favorite things, or you could print a Hannah Montana picture instead. Just be careful when using the mod podge you keep it away from the actual pages so that they don’t get glued together or anything!

I made a rolled flower (click here for tutorial)for this notebook, and just glued that over the ugly words in the corner. (I’ve been fond of anything silvery or gray lately!)

If you don’t want your kids making a mess of mod podge, use laminate paper instead. Have fun decorating!

Getting Dirty with Mod Podge- Glass and Yarn Art

I wanted to play with my new bottle of mod podge, so here’s what I made.

Cut out all of your pieces of yarn first.

Paint a layer of mod podge around the entire glass. Then dip them in modpodge ( I put mine on a paper plate to the side, you don’t want random yarn fibers hanging out in the mod podge canister later) and stick them on your glass. The mod podge makes a nice clear texture So you want it to be textured all over.

That’s it! Now I have some funky labeled jars in my bathroom instead of just plain ones. Have fun crafting!

My Great Big Book of Everything

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw a million cute ideas. So I whipped out my Handy-Dandy Notebook and walked around the store, scribbling away. I realized today, when I went to look for the notebook to find something to make and blog about, that the notebook is one of my best ideas. Yes, it’s just a notebook. One of those Five Star Fat Lil’ Notebooks. I decorated it as we were in the middle of a move, so it’s not the cutest. It was made with magazine cut outs and packing tape. I’ve only used half of it or I would make a whole new one.

The real key to this book is it has most any information I would need in it. I write down my spur of the moment craft ideas. My phone conversations with the insurance company or bank, I have paint chips stapled in for when I go to but paint. My husbands prescription refill stickers are in there so I don’t lose them and can call them in whenever I think about it. My class schedule and the books I need to buy for the next semester are written in there with the amazon prices in case I find a better deal. There are lists, calendars, dinner ideas, important phone numbers, sticky notes and other important memos stapled in. Without this notebook, I would forget everything and be lost. Needless to say, it’s with me all the time.

Meal Planning Made Cute

I’ve been seeing these cute meal planner boards all over the blogosphere and in stores. I wanted one, so after my intense yard sales day I found a frame to use. This would make a great Christmas Gift Idea for those of you planning Christmas early.

I forgot a before picture so this was after one coat of cherry stain. I found the stain in a small 2 ounce bottle on clearance at Wal-mart. I bought it because it was only 50 cents and we needed to cover up some scratches from moving our table.

The frame was much too light to match our kitchen so I brushed on about 5 coats of stain. I then brushed the edges with a stiff brush to make them look a little bit darker. I did this to the crease also. Distressing the frame would work well here too, but I wanted to save myself a step.

My husband came home right after I had finished painting the frame and wanted it for his office. Good thing I bought 2 frames!

In between coats of paint I worked on the paper arrangement. I chose to layer the butterfly paper in the back, the strip of tan textured paper on the left and a title of the leafy accent scrapbook paper. This could be done to look amazing in a million different ways.

I created the printed Jamer’s Dinner Menu on Adobe Photoshop. The question of the day was, If you were a restaurant what font would you be? I figured we would most likely be a steakhouse. My husband was teasing me, we have a western room (the guest bedroom, not the kitchen) and thought I was going to put it in there instead of the kitchen. You can buy the printed design on my etsy or order a custom one if you don’t want to make your own.

I used scrapbooking tape to arrange all the paper against the backing of the frame, and cut and pinned the vellum down with a brad in each corner. I even mod podged my marker to look cute.

I have it standing on a metal picture frame holder now, I might try some super duty magnets later. Now I can be organized in my kitchen and it’s cute! If you want one already finished for you, click here.