Queen of the Garage Sales!

I got home early from a day of yard sales, I cleared the area from my house to my mom’s and everywhere in between pretty early today as it was pouring rain. It’s very unusual for Arizonan’s to have to do anything in the rain so there weren’t very many sales still left after a few hours. The ones that were out there were willing to sell their stuff for a ton cheaper, so I took advantage.

I spent less than ten bucks and made off with a new end table (even though I just bought one last week for an awesome price!), a wood chair, picture frames, a book, a cashmere sweater, candlestick holders and more fabric for my collection. Oh, and a cute little lantern. It was quite a good day!

I started walking around my house and realizing that most of our stuff was gotten a one yard sale or another for a really amazing deal.

It’s always hard for me to barter. I don’t like to but if I really want it I will. If the seller wants really steep prices on the few things I ask about I just leave there are more deals out there just waiting to be found.

A good way to barter is to ask about 2 things for whatever amount. People are more likely to lower their price when you put things together. Grocery store do it all the time. I try to remember that it can’t hurt to ask. The worst they will say is “no” and you don’t get it or you get it for a higher price.

Good luck to you and all of your yard sale and thrift store finds!


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